Re: Using both NVDA and JAWS

Luke Davis

On Tue, 16 Jul 2019, Dang Manh Cuong wrote:

Both Jaws and NVDA do have command for calling via the run dialog so we just remember its command, and type exactly. Other member has told this
For installed version of NVDA:
Start NVDA normally
nvda -r
restart NVDA
nvda -q
To possibly add clarity, or to make it more muddy depending on your prospective:

The -r option to nvda actually means "replace", not "restart". It replaces any running NVDA version with the one you just ran with -r. If no NVDA version is running, it doesn't have anything to replace, so just starts normally.

Therefore it is always possible, and perhaps even preferred, to start NVDA with the -r flag. Which is why the default shortcut uses it. It will always start NVDA, whether or not there is a version already running.

Hopefully the necessity to use -r will go away. in some future version, if enough people prefer that (


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