Re: Making NVDA reconsider focus

Luke Davis

Perry and others,

I didn't know this when I posted before, but there is discussion of this issue on GitHub, which I have just found. It would probably be helpful if you could post your experiences there as well, along with debug logs if any, although likely they will be the same as what has already been posted. I intend to add my own information the next time I run into this.

This issue needs as much attention as it can get, as it is still on-going for many of us. The URL is:


On Mon, 15 Jul 2019, Luke Davis wrote:

On Thu, 11 Jul 2019, Perry Simm via Groups.Io wrote:

Sure! The prime example is when I launch a program, such as a browser. A few seconds later, I know I'm in the address bar, and a sighted person can confirm this to me, but there's no speech indicating this. Focus is really in the address bar, and I can type into it. It's just that NVDA hasn't tracked it. Alt+tabbing out then back in resolves it for the moment.
And as you say, it's an old problem which has existed for many years, across many windows versions, NVDA versions, etc.

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