Braille and wx events

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

Hi everyone,

Playing around with wxPython, I was wondering what the heck the Braille cursor routine do when clicked.  It seems using them does not generate a click event that wxPython can intercept.  Or a key event (some will interpret the Braille cursor keys as a series of left and right to go to the specified point, if possible). I've tried different mouse cursor event but nothing works (except when I use NVDA + pavnum-MouseLeft and pavnum-MouseLeft, which does generate these events).

Just curious how that's implemented.  I use Braille routing on a daily basis, though usually in editors.  Could someone tell me why these wx events are not generated when I click on my cursor routing keys?  And if there are events I can link to (or, if not, why?).



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