NVDA 2019.2 Beta 3, arrow keys do not work in Skype 8.49 under Windows 10 Ver. 1809.

John Isige

Hey all. I think the subject about covers it. If I open Skype, this is the desktop version or whatever they're calling it, under NVDA 2019.2 Beta 3, and try to arrow around, nothing happens. It works fine under NVDA 2019.1.1. What should happen is that it moves and reads a line, e.g. "menu button submenu more options", "search for people groups and messages", "use dial pad", and so on, that's arrowing down from the top. Tabbing between things works, but not the arrows, at least for me. I figured I'd mention it in case anybody knows of a fix, or at least to find out if it's a known issue, and if not, to make people aware of it.

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