Brltty, anything new

Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>

I used NVDA with brltty on Windows 7, but when I switched to Windows 10, I didn't want to install Brltty because there was already a version that got installed when you enabled Braille with narrator. 
Does anyone know if there's a way to just get NVDA to use that Brltty? Do you think I'll mess something up if I do install another BRLTTY for NVDA and where's the latest version compiled for Windows 10?
And lastly, has anyone had success reading BRF files (already translated embosser-ready files) using NVDA with Braille? The last time I tried, it seemed like NVDA or maybe Brltty was inserting a lot of extra clutter even if I set my preferences to not use any contracted Braille.

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