Re: Brltty, anything new

David Csercsics

I don't know about BRLTTY for NVDA or narrator, because I've only ever used it on Linux. Hower, I do know that you can use the braille extender add-on to read .brf files. I just open them in wordpad or notepad and put it in .brf mode and that works beautifully. You don't even need to twiddle your braille settings in NVDA to do this. It's just a quick toggle while you're in the .brf file. Maybe the braille extender add-on will help you. I'm not sure what braille display you have, but I might be able to help with BRLTTY. I've just never used it under Windows because the Brailliant BI 40 works great with NVDA and HumanWare's drivers.

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