Re: Using tdropbox on W10?

Luke Davis

It is not clear that the Dropbox add-on would help you with this, although since there is one, you might want to try it just in case.

I thought that most of the button accessibility problems for Dropbox were resolved by Dropbox themselves in more recent versions, but maybe they've introduced a new one. Hard to say, as I have not seen the situation you're talking about.

On Wed, 17 Jul 2019, Matt Turner wrote:
Hi, I'm using the latest version of NVDA, and no dropbox addon.

When I signed in to my db account on my pc, I got the online recommended option button for syncing.

I didn't see another button, but i felt like there was one called local.

I have all my dropbox folder on another drive, there's 123 gigs of stuff in there, and I didn't want it moving my local files from the drive, then trying to redownload them again.

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