Re: PayPal seems to be browser related


On 7/12/2016 8:16 PM, Gene wrote, in part:  "every demanding blind Internet user should have at least two browsers on their machine."

Gene is correct; every internet user should have at least two browsers on their machine, and know how to use both at a basic level.  Issues between specific websites and individual web browsers have been on the rise for years.  Since you will never avoid it entirely, knowing how to use two or more web browsers is often the difference between success or failure, and that's whether you're blind or not.

I've got four:  Firefox (primary), Chrome (very close secondary), Edge (distant third), IE11 (fourth, not far behind Edge). 

If you use add-ons or extensions that are ad blockers or privacy focused like HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, No Script, or the like it's really important to have one browser that does not have any of these installed.  There are times when it's an add-on or extension that is causing issues, and unless you know how to start your favored browser with add-ons/extensions disabled or want to try disabling these one-by-one, having a "naked" browser is a really easy way to avoid getting stuck when you have no time to be stuck.


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