Re: greetings from a new user, making transition from JAWS2018 using Win10 and looking for tips and tricks and default program suggestions

Mallard <mallard@...>

Hello PJ,

Welcome to this group, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your experience with NVDA.

I've been using it exclusively since 2009, and I've certainly seen it grow.

From what I read and hear from other users, The two screen readers both have features that are better than the other, but NvDA is definitely an excellent product.

About the NVDA Key:  I use both the Insert (or 0) on the keypad, and the Capslock.

This setup comes in handy, because if you have to go to the NVDA menu, for example, you can press Capslock with your left hand and the letter N with your right hand, and so on.

I use LibreOffice, although there are still some accessibility issues here and there; Thunderbird for email, Firefox, Chrome and Brave as browsers, and vlc instead of wmp.

As for commands, you find a full list in the Help section of the NVDA menu (NVDA key + N).

I hope you enjoy your transition, and I'm sure other users will give you more detailed tips and recommendations.

Take care,



Il 18/07/2019 13:48, Phil Jenkins gmail ha scritto:

Greetings folks

I’m a 20+ year user of JAWS. Not necessarily because it has been the ‘best’ but rather because it was what my employer and uni’ provided and it simply became habitual. Now I have to pay for all upgrades myself, and not really enjoying the ‘drug pusher’  like relationship JAWS has with its users, I have decided to make the slow but sure move to NVDA. I’ve heard great things about the screen reader and in fact I’ve heard in many cases I should be able to do things with NVDA that I cannot do with JAWS.

So my PC is Windows10 with MS-Office.

1Is there a document that gives NVDA equivalent keyboards commands as JAWS, ie if you did X ion JAWS then do Y in NVDA? Presumably the ‘access’ key is the zero on the num pad that JAWS uses?

2What is the best default email client and web browser to use with  NVDA? Have experience of Outlook, Outlook Express, poor experience of  Thunderbird. Have used I#e, Firefox and Chrome. No experience of Edge.

3Music player? WMP or WinAmp or something else?

4Does NVDA work with any kind of ‘Open Office’ non MS office suite?

I guess the things I use the most with my old Win7Pro machine that I’m about to stop using and move to the Win10 machine are:


-- IE, Firefox (or Waterfox) and Chrome.


-Audible Manager




-Secure Notes



Thanks all and apologies if this question has been asked and asked again, feel free to point me at web resources that will answer my questions.




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