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I don't know what you mean by prefs but the interface is not properly accessible if you want to do many things.  You can't select more than one item at a time in the list.  You can, therefore, only work with one item at a time.  You can move up and down the list with the up and down arrow keys but you can't use home or end to move to the beginning or end of the list.  These are serious limitations.
If you want full accessibility to the list, as before, you have two or three options. 
Perhaps the best option, which I'll discuss here, is to have Dropbox running, but work with the folders and files in Windows Explorer, or file explorer, whatever your version of Windows calls it. 
How you get there may differ in different versions of Windows so I'll let others with different versions explain how they do so.  I'll just explain Windows 7.
Press the Windows key.
Tab once.  You are on your account specific files.  Press enter.
Type d until you get to Dropbox.
This is the Dropbox folder.
Press enter.
Now, work with Dropbox exactly as before. 

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The prefs are actually very accessible. I used it last night to check some stuff. Everything read and I could do everythign I could before with it.

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On 18 Jul 2019, at 1:57, Vincent Le Goff wrote:

Thanks for reporting.  I was rather desperate when I found out I couldn't open my Dropbox folder that easily.  The dropbox window isn't that accessible IMO with NVDA, no matter the installed addons.

I reported the issue to Dropbox directly.  Although no answer was sent at this date (that is 10 hours later or so), I find my Dropbox opening normally this morning (though I followed your set of steps).  Again, the preference dialog isn't that accessible with NVDA, though we can manage this modification since it's in the general tab.  I reported my "partial success" to the Dropbox team, asking if possibly accessibility with NVDA and other screen readers could be more tested before features are released.  I do hope for a positive feedback.

Thanks again,


On 7/18/2019 4:40 AM, Arlene wrote:

Hi friends:  If your dropbox suddenly looks weird. Here’s how to fix it if you need to


Howdy All,


I just ran into an issue with Dropbox where it wouldn't let me acces my files.  Well, it turned out that it wanted to update and after downloading the

installer and reinstalling Dropbox navigating the folders flat out sucked, so here's how to change the necessary setting for easier navigation.


1. Open Dropbox from the system tray, tab to, Access and Manage your Dropbox settings button, and press enter.


2. Now tab to, Preferences, and press enter.


3. On the General tab, tab to the, Open folders in Dropbox combobox, open this combobox and choose the, Explorer, option.  With Jaws you can open this

combobox with Alt + down arrow and then up arrow to the Explorer option and press enter to close the combobox.  Now tab to, Okay, and press enter to save

and close preferences.

Note:  This can act a little tricky so it might take a couple of attempts to get the Explorer settings change to stick.

If you have a shortcut key that opens Dropbox options, after you openDropbox up arrow to, Preferences, press enter and follow step 3 from above.

Take care. 



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