Re: Brltty, anything new

Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>

Maybe you can't get it working in Win10 because of the hooks already there for the Brltty Microsoft hacked up for Narrator.  I'm afraid to try adding Brltty for NVDA because I have Narrator working fine with Braille right now. But it has the same problem NVDA does: there are a lot of weird characters it displays even if you turn off all translation and want to read a BRF raw. 
I can at least try the Braille extender add-on using an old Windows 7 PC but I do wish we could figure out if we could get NVDA to use the Brltty that's already available in Windows 10.
As for Linux, I agree, I've used Brltty in Linux for years. That's off-topic though and there's a whole list for discussing that.
My displays are PowerBraille and Navigators from TeleSensory. They are serial and I have several. I use a USB-To-Serial cable and have had no problems getting Narrator to talk to any of these displays. Some USB-To-Serial cables don't have Windows 10 drivers, but when you have one that does, Brltty supports many old displays.

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