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I doubt that copyrights have to specifically assert copyright for every version of the software that exists.  The SAPI version uses Dectalk as the synthesizer used.  SAPI is a means of communicating with Windows, it is not the software itself.  A patent holder on the transistor doesn't have to patent every product transistors are used in.  You are making an equivalent claim.

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well, if the old decTalk access32 for windows95, and the softVoice-willowpond tts are indeed abandonware, if this can be confirmed, then, perhaps you could use one or both of those with NVDA? I emailed the author of softVoice-tts and have heard nothing back. It seems as if that website has been abandoned. And the people who claim they sell decTalk have an old copyright on their site which is 6 or so years old, and it does not even support sapi5. So, again, if the old decTalk access32 and the other tts I mentioned are abandonware, perhaps ESpeak could be modified to load their tts-dll files and those two older voices could be included as a part of ESpeak? Those voices also have their own phonemes, pitches, ways of speaking. So all ESpeak and ESpeak sapi5 would need to do is load, and use, the 24-year-old possiby abandoned decTalk and softVoice-tts dll files, and register and use the voices and/or languages they come with. the last time I heard from the author of softVoice-tts several years ago, he said he did not care if we used softVoice with screen readers. nobody uses it or wants to buy it anymore anyway. 

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