Re: where is user config for add-ins?


Firefox doesn't have a run option.  Download the file, find it and press enter as you would run any file.  If you have NVDA installed, Windows should know what to do and the installer should start.

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Well Brian, that is just my problem.

I would rather use the more direct method but my system isn't asking if I want to save or run download. I have tried to find where to change this so it will give the option to run but I guess my brain is not working right now.

In trying to use the other method it says to save the package to the user config folder under NVDA.  I can't find that folder.  I see a system config folder but no user config.

I am running NVDA 2016.1 under windows 10 on a very fast laptop.  Iam running the newest firefox as my browser.


Dan Beaver

On 3/10/2016 4:46 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


         I've followed either of the installation instruction techniques noted at the beginning of the NVDA Community Add-Ons Website.  The second paragraph on that page gives a pretty clear set of steps for both techniques.  You have to download the add-in and save it to a location of your choice as the first step.  If you want to use the NVDA Add-Ons Manager that's under the NVDA Context Menu, Tools, Manage Add-Ons.  If you want to use the "select and hit return" that simply requires NVDA to be running once you have the add-on file selected and hit return to install it NVDA starts asking the questions from there.  I find the latter method preferable.

         I have never had to concern myself with where the add-on file that I download is located before installing it.


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