Over on win10, there was a discussion I think on the elequence codefactory addon I think and issues with it.

A user suggested we all use the speech player addon.

Here is the thing though, how old is it, does it even work with espeak ng, and will it work with the new py3 and threshhold.

If not we have a problem, that synth was to my mind only a concept.

And now, its just a bunch of outdated crap.

Seriously, as I said in that thread we need our own synth.

And either we chuck out the old crappy synth like speech player or we actually try to continue where we started from.

I am not the authors of this but I'd have thought that if I were them I would have made a decision before now as this was all done years and years ago at least it looks like this.

I know this will come as a bit harsh, but it seems people just say we have this older synth about that we made.

To be honest if we are serious in using our own synth, a serious descussion needs to be had on restarting development on it or making another synth or something.

I really think something needs to be done else we will continue to have this conversation round and round and round.

Is it at all possible we could actually start talking about this in general please.

I'd like questions to be answered, like why did we stop, and why don't we start again.

I think there were valid reasons but well.

Next what synths in addon form will work wityh the newer addon schemes in nvda and the future.

Its obvious that we may need our own synth, but should we have one or not.

Is it worth restarting our own or designing our own and what would we use.

Now I am happy with espeak but if we had our own synth and sold a sapi version or something and maybe the addon version or something for low cost say 5-10 vbucks I'd get it, maybe up to 30 bucks for higher quality things, maybe as much as 60 bucks for really good packs of things.

I just think with all the new technology and prices dropping down lower and lower that we really should hav a good look is all.

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