Re: Code Factory add-in for NVDA

Josh Kennedy

hi ed and all,
I agree. a company should not put use-at-your-own-risk abandonware that could possibly be buggy onto their system, such as the sketchy legality of the decTalk addon that uses a 24-year-old decTalk synthesizer. If you want to use it for personal noncommercial use well that is your business. But if I were a company I would insist on software that 1. has support along with it, and 2. is up-to-date and secure. Now I do have the following issues with both sapi5 codeFactory eloquence and the codeFactory addon that is purchased. those issues are the following... 1. people reported the nvda-addon is crackly sometimes, sapi5 eloquence works fine however. 2. I really really want the ability to log onto a website and put in the key into an edit box, and reset my keys back to 3, this would unregister all copies of my software and would let me move my software to a new computer. What if my computer dies and there is an eloquence addon or sapi5 key on it? just let me go to a site, put in the key I wish to deactivate and reset my number of keys back to 3 or whatever the limit is, deactivating all coppies of the software therefore letting me install a copy or two onto new computers. and lastly. eloquence should only phone home maybe once every 60 or so days. That way people with infrequent internet access would not have as big of an issue with its phone home stuff. other than that I really like the sapi5 eloquence and it works fine. and I will use my copy of sapi5 eloquence as long as codeFactory supports it. In fact I'm thinking of buying their sapi5 vocalizer. I prefer sapi5 that way I can use the voices with audio games and other stuff and it is not tied down to NVDA. 

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