Re: Code Factory add-in for NVDA

Josh Kennedy

I also wish we could get some confirmation about decTalk since it, too, is, or was, very popular. There is nothing wrong with the 24-year-old decTalk access32 dll files. they work fine aside from some bugs in the nvda-addon code, they work just fine with NVDA. I wish that we could 1. get official confirmation that is it abandonware, or is it not abandonware and can we use the 24-year-old decTalk access32 dll which is still perfectly fine with NVDA? 2. if somebody would give us permission to use that dll, which by the way again works perfectly fine, then once we have permission, we could incorporate it into NVDA as an alternative to ESpeak for english and maybe some other languages, same goes for willowPond softVoice tts, by the way... so anyway once we get confirmation, they could be incorporated into NVDA so people have some alternative voices. and also perhaps the voices could be given sapi5 interfaces for those who wish to use them in that form. oh better yet, if NVDA could sell decTalk nvda-addon and softVoice tts addon, decTalk sapi5 with a good non-buggy interface and softVoice tts sapi5 again with a good stable interface. I personally would gladly pay $10 to $20 or so for updated versions of those two tts engines. better yet would be if the authors just said well just go ahead and incorporate them into NVDA as voices or as voices on the extra-voices download website. 

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