Re: Push Notifications With NVDA


On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 10:56 AM, Andy B. wrote:
I want my browsing experience as clean as possible. Under no conditions will I approve of an app or website to push notifications through a browser.
You and I are cut from the same cloth.   I said pretty much the same thing two days ago.

We are, it seems, either currently in the minority or rapidly becoming so.  Push notifications, whether through the browser itself, or via pass-through to Windows to present via toast notification, are becoming all the rage.

It is important for people to know that:

1.  They cannot and will not get push notifications of any kind unless they consent to receiving same.  [And, no, I do not count if a nefarious actor were to somehow "auto consent" to same, that would be malware.]

2.  The usual default is for the browser to handle and present these notifications.

3.  A number of browsers are implementing "pass along" functionality so that instead of their presenting the push notifications, they're passed to Windows to present as toasts.

If you never consent to a push notification, then points two and three are utterly irrelevant.  But if you do, you will need to figure out exactly how the browser(s) you're using on a routine basis is actually processing push notifications - by itself or by passing same to Windows.


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