Re: Push Notifications With NVDA


An apology for straying so far off-topic here (my bad) and several what I hope will be final points:

1.  Since I moderate on both this group and as archives manager on the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group, I sometimes confuse where I've said what when it's a couple of days old.

2.  The conversation about Chrome and push notifications occurred on the Win10 group, so all confusion regarding where this stuff I've made reference to here is mine.

3.  I believed when posting my last few messages that I was on the Win10 group, where the discussion in depth of how browsers handle push notifications would be far more on topic.

4.  I believe we've covered more than needs to be covered with regard to NVDA and push notifications at this juncture on this topic.  If people have questions regarding how to configure the browser that they're using with regard to push notifications, that should be taken to the Chat Subgroup, the Windows 10 for SR Users group, or elsewhere.


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