Re: Problem Retrieving Ordered Material

Greg Wocher

When you purchased the materials did you create a username and password for your account with the shop? If you did there is a my account link on the page. Click on it and log in. Your purchased items should be there for you to download.

Greg Wocher

On Jul 19, 2019, at 4:14 PM, Christopher Gray <chris@...> wrote:


I have tried multiple times to get an answer out of Tech Support with no luck.
So, maybe somebody here knows the definitive answer. These are products both
purchased in midJune from the nvaccess website but for whatever reason I have
never received information about how to retrieve them.

I paid $46.26 for the MS Outlook Training for NVDA (eBook) (AUD $30)

Receipt #5222469298897420

I paid $53.37 for Basic Training for NVDA (Downloadable Audio) (AUD $45)

Receipt #1265475612516056

These purchases were made on June 19, and Tech Support verifies they were made.
For some reason though, they do not provide me information on how to get the

I hope somebody here knows how to do this.

Thank you.


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