Re: Push Notifications With NVDA


Brian and Vincent,
First of all, sorry for post to this topic again but this will be the last time. I'll be posting to the Chat Subgroup but before that, I just want to clear a few things up:

Vincent wrote:
It's possible Facebook just pushes notifications to a different system without much accessibility support besides reading. I guess you already checked the system tray (Windows + B)?
Yes, I did, so I'd agree with you. Probably it's not accessible but I'll be more than happy to be wrong on this at the end :)

Brian wrote:
if one is using Chrome it's possible to have the browser push those push messages straight over to Windows to be presented as toast notifications, or not.

So one has to know what browser is being used and whether certain features have been configured in certain ways to know for certain how one might directly interact with a push message.
Well, I'm  using Firefox, as I said on my first message, and apparently my version of Firefox doesn't allow these notifications to be presented as toast ones. I mean, is it possible that a toast notification doesn't show up in the Notifications Center? Because so far, every notification I got, I was able eiter to see it by pressing Win+Shift+V or if I wasn't fast enough to do it I could see the notification on the Center. So weren't they toast notifications? I'm confused.

Finally, I read the article on gHacks telling about these notifications (thanks, Vincent). Probably, the problem lies on my Firefox then. Because I was supposed to see it on the list of apps that can  or cannot send notifications and it's not there as an  option to check.

Well, with all of this said, I'm  moving it to the Chat Subgroup. I hope you guys will follow me and help me with it, as this is a cool feature and I really didn't want to miss it out.

Marcio AKA Starboy

Sent from a galaxy far, far away.

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