Acapela synth activation trouble

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I had to reinstall windows10 fresh and a fresh copy of NVDA.

Now my acapela voices do not work at all.

There is a main addon which is the engine that one instals first, then the addon which is the voice one wishes to use.

I try activating a new license, but I get a bunch of script errors and then an error saying cannot open dialog box.
I went searching the archives of the list and found a thread from 2016 with the exact issues, but no resolution on the list.

I uninstalled the engine add on and reinstalled it but the same problem persists and this

register.exe program keeps showing up with that dialog box error, or at times it will simply freeze and try to prevent me from rebooting the machine by telling me that register.exe is running.

I wanted to throw it out here just in case.

It is a new copy of windows10 1903, with a fresh copy of nvda 19.1.1.

If you found a way to work around this let me know please.

p.s. acapela support is strangely silent when I contact them.

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