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I doubt you have to run two browsers.  Open one site in one window or tab, then open another window or tab.  Do so with control n for new window or control t for new tab.  Open the other page in the new window or tab.
Use alt tab to move between windows if you are working with windows, and control tab if you are working with tabs.  Close a tab if you want to leave the other opened with control f4.  Close one window and leave the other opened with alt f4, the usual command to close a window.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA and edge

Hi list need to run two browsers at the same time to do a radio show prep.  So I have tried edge to view a list of a billboard chart archive while using chrome to get some of the songs.  Well I got to the page Okay but to try to speed things up I tried boxing links using f7 every time I did it the cat got NVDA’s tongue I had to hit alt ctrl N to get it to talk.  Does edge not support that basic function in NVDA I really haven’t used edge much and the more I look at it the more I’m sure it’s a piece of crap. A pure rush job by Microsoft. So it looks like even crappier IE is going to have to be used.  And I don’t want to get firefox back in here now that the main reason I used it before was webvisum which is gone.  Can any on list suggest an alternative browser in addition to chrome that behaves itself and works well with NVDA?  It’s obvious edge ain’t so hot. 


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