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Ed Marquette

Why not something simple like “managing input“ or “manage input.“ That would cover all forms of input: keyboard voice, and so on.

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We’re talking about two different things: the suggested text refers to what is now known as “Input Gestures” dialog. NVDA+number row 1 may change to something more descriptive and not too verbose.




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Manage commands means that you can define or redefine or map commands by invoking the NVDA 1 command.  Why not just call it what it is, keyboard and gestures help.  Or something else, if there is as good alternative descriptive language but I can think of no other comprehensive and accurate way to say this that will be 8understandable to the gggeneral user.



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Hmmm, I see.

How about renaming it to something to the effect of, “Manage commands”? That may allow the original intent to be kept while making it more user friendly. It may also allow translators to translate this concept more easily.

The obvious downside is extensive edits to tutorials, websites, training materials, user guide and such, but I don’t consider this a downside – rather, an opportunity to change it based on more user feedback.




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Being a tech geek from way back, I can categorically state that this is yet another instance where "tech brevity" is being valued over end user understanding.  It happens again and again and again.

"Input contols - keyboard commands, touch gestures, etc." as a descriptive in these programs, which is a simple thing to do, makes the intention entirely clear.

Microsoft was just as guilty of this with the inane "toast" notifications.   No one would instantly recognize that these are notifications that slide in at the lower right hand side of the screen by default.   "Slide-in" notifications at least makes it clear what the behavior is, whether you can see it or not, and allows both the sighted and the blind to be "on the same page" about what's being looked out for.

It just drives me insane that the "user ergonomics" of software is still so little considered.   I am only too well aware that at the setting by setting level this becomes an impossible nightmare for any truly complex piece of software, but at the broad categories and first level of subdivision of those it should be pretty simple.  I'd have the previously mentioned "Input Controls" fully articulated label then under that it would be broken into Keyboard Commands, Touch Gestures, Other [e.g. Pen or something that hasn't even been invented yet].

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