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JM Casey

That won't work by itself. You need to actually go into the properties of the .ini file as an administrator and change their ownership settings in the security tab. I was able to do this after a lot of experimenting, but recently haven't been able to duplicate the steps. I know it can be done, though. Maybe someone more familiar with these settings can chime in. I admit I was a bit confused and feel like I kind of muddled my way through to success.

By the way, a quick way to run a programme (like notepad) as administrator:
Open the run box
Type in notepad
Don't hit enter, but use ctrl-shift-enter instead.
The user account control dialogue will appear if you have it set to do so.

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Run Notepad as an administrator.
1) type notepad.exe in the search window. (press windows key or go to start menu to get there).
2) Right-click (applications key, shift f10, NVDA's right click facility), & select 'Run as Administrator' from the context menu that appears.

On 7/21/19, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:
I am trying to change the pause length in the .ini files for the
oneCore voices. But it won’t let me save my new settings once I edit
the ini files in notepad. I also tried copying, editing then replacing
the old files with the new edited ones and it says I need permission to copy to that folder.
How do I take ownership of those “ini” files so I can edit and save
them to improve the way the oneCore voices speak?


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