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I can confirm some of these things you said on your message, specially items 3 and 5.

3. NVDA uses a keyboard hook to intercept all keys. Sometimes it gets into a state where it doesn't pass the keys anywhere.
the result of this is your keyboard no longer works, except for win+l and ctrl+alt+delete. If you press ctrl+alt+delete, you might think you can launch task manager.
As soon as you do, you're back on your normal desktop with NVDA still capturing the keyboard.
The only thing you can do is sign out, losing some or all of your work, or figure out how to kill NVDA either with a second account or with a non-keyboard-based solution.
It used to happen with me quite a while ago. If I'm not going wrong I even posted about it and someone suggested that it could be a problem with my system, something that I was thinking as well, so I just accepted it.
I never thought about using a second account to close NVDA when such a thing happens but this seems like a good solution if it ever happens again. I'll remember it :)

5. If a program stops responding, NVDA goes with it. Take Event Viewer.
View one event's details with enter. From there, press escape and be prepared to figure out how to get NVDA back, because it's most likely going to stop speaking.
Well, usually in such cases I will just do a CTRL+ALT+N and I'm all set again. I would love if everything were too easy :)

6. We know that in notepad, WordPad, Microsoft Word, and other applications, we can press ctrl+f to find things.
However, in browsers, we need to use ctrl+NVDA+f. Why? Because NVDA doesn't want to override the inaccessible browser find dialog.
Ok, this is something I definitely remember posting about, right here. Then someone said they could use the CTRL+F command everywhere and NVDA works just fine, and I'm trying to find out what's the magic behind it until now. Glad to know I'm not alone on this :)

Now, although I've confirmed these points, I don't blame the NVDA developers for all of this. Maybe fixing these things isn't something too easy and since I'm only a user, with very little knowledge about programming, I don't have a clue of the complexity behind it. So maybe we could try and see their side as well, after all despite some annoyances here and there nowadays we have NVDA as an excellent screen reader, and its success among the blind folks only goes to prove it.

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