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Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

On my Windows 10 1903 version, without using the hotkey to display system tray icons, pressing enter or space bar has the same result.
It opens the Network Connections window.

On 7/25/2019 5:08 AM, Gene wrote:
I should correct my last message.  You say in older versions of Windows there is a distinction between double left click and single left click.  That is true.  You may be right about Windows 10 only having two ways of working with the system tray icons.  If so, then I was wrong in my last message where I said you gave incorrect information.  But this needs to be carefully checked, as your request for examples that disprove your Windows 10 statement implies. 
I can give you one specific instance that differs in Windows 7 and that you can test in Windows 10.  The following icon in Windows 7 distinguishes between space and enter.  The network icon, or connection icon, I'm not sure what the technical name is, only works properly if left single click, space bar, is used. 
I'm not sure exactly what happens when you use enter but it doesn't work properly.  As I recall a network flyout message is received. 
If this is tested in Windows 10 and the reaction is identical between enter and space and if no one else reports any differences, I withdraw my suspicions that the Windows description is incorrect.  But even if only one or two icons still distinguish between these commands, it should be stated without the qualification about earlier versions of Windows.
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Hi everyone,

NVDA 2019.2 Beta 2, Mick taking a well-deserved break, updates to NVDACon and our Corporate page and details on accessing the Windows notification area, all in this week's In-Process!

Happy 4th of July to those in America, and happy weekend to everyone :)

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

NVDA 2019.2beta1 now available!

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