Joseph Lee's add-ons and Python 3: most are compatible


Hi NVDA community,

This is to inform you that most of my add-ons are compatible with Python 3 version of NVDA (a follow-up post about some add-ons is next). Compatible add-ons include:

  • Add-on Updater
  • Easy Table Navigator
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures
  • Golden Cursor (deep maintenance mode)
  • GoldWave
  • Object Location Tones
  • ObjPad
  • Resource Monitor
  • StationPlaylist
  • SystrayList (deep maintenance mode)
  • Virtual review (deep maintenance mode)
  • Windows 10 App Essentials


Notable announcements:

  • Control Usage Assistant: even though it is end of life, I’ll provide a nightlight release that makes it compatible with at least 2019.3; the nightlight release will be done before 2019.3 release candidate is released.
  • Add-ons marked as deep maintenance mode: I’m stepping down from maintaining these add-ons by end of this year, but before that, I’ll make sure they are compatible with at least Python 3. There is a bigger announcement about these add-ons coming shortly.
  • Easy Table Navigator and Enhanced Touch Gestures: although compatible, a version that is Python 3 aware isn’t out there yet. I’ll make a release today that will do just that.
  • GoldWave: the reason for calling last night’s release 19.04.1 is because the next version will take advantage of features included in newer NVDA releases. As I noted earlier, 19.04.1 is the last version to support older NVDA releases, Windows XP and Vista, and GoldWave 5.
  • Python 3 strict: several add-ons do have a version that is strictly Python 3. These include Add-on Updater, Resource Monitor, and StationPlaylist. I’ll release Python 3 strict versions of these add-ons for testing purposes in August (after installing those, there is no going back). For Add-on Updater, the day 2019.3 stable comes out is the day Python 3 strict version will take over. For Resource Monitor and StationPlaylist, they will support Python 2 version of NVDA for a while longer – 60 days after release of 2019.3 stable or December 31, 2019, whichever happens earlier (I’ll send a follow-up announcement once 2019.3 stable comes out). For StationPlaylist 18.09.x-LTS, they will not be powered strictly by Python 3, although that branch is Python 3 ready.
  • Version jumps: a few weeks ago I hinted that several add-ons will absolutely require newer NVDA releases. In addition to Add-on Updater from above, some other add-ons will go through NVDA version jumps, and some will even require Python 3 version of NVDA in the near future (see above for notes).


As always, if you have any feedback on any of these add-ons, please let me know.



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