Using Alpha snapshot 18199 Python 3 and my experiences!

David Moore

Hi all!

I am using the Python three 18199 latest alpha snapshot.

Experiences so far!

It works better in the Win10 Mail app than it ever has.

I get many error sounds, but I ignore them.

With Google Chrome, is very sluggish and I hear many error sounds.

I am having trouble navigating by form field especially.

In many other Win10 apps, is very sluggish, and is shutting down and coming back on!

Some examples:

News app, One Note, Weather app, and the MS store.

I am using one core voices, because decktalk add-on no longer works.

Some of the English eSpeak voices are not as clear.

In the settings app, it is not giving as much info and I have to press NVDA+Tab a lot to get that info.

These are my experiences so far.

I just want people to know what I have found so far!

Over all, it is working very well for Python 3.

This is very promising.

I can’t wait to get a lot of my add-ons back.

David Moore


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