Re: Using Alpha snapshot 18199 Python 3 and my experiences!

David Csercsics

In limited testing, it seemed to work quite well, so far. Except that Braille Extender doesn't load. I'm wondering if it's better to have that in NVDA core anyway, as the built-in braille support seems a bit primitive. But I'm not sure what others think of that. Pretty much the only add-ons that I use are the Windows 10 essentials one, and the updater and the braille Extender because I prefer braille to speech anyway, and I like the screen reader to be light on resources and just make things work well. But I'll test it a bit more with web stuff, and the other things I usually use, and see how I might go about suggesting improvements. I'll dust off my Python and see if I might be able to help that way as well. I'm not familiar with Windows programming, but I did write some Python quite a bit for Linux console and a bit of C and C++ as part of my computer science courses, and I'd not mind picking it back up again, it's just getting acquainted with the Windows code.

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