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hurrikennyandopo ...


To get to document formatting quickly use the nvda key + ctrl key + the letter D this will bring up the document formatting dialogue where you can make changes

Depending which menu you might want to go into  change the last letter.

I usually only say do the general settings so would replace the D with a G.

the keyboard with a k

browse mode with a B

the synth settings with a S

The voice settings with a V

The keyboard with a K

The mouse settings with a M

There are probably more but depends what you want.

I think on some of them you can also asign as a gesture.

Gene nz

On 28/07/2019 7:04 PM, Marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
On a related note:
Is there a section of the NVDA Userguide or Keycommands telling about these shortcuts to the NVDA Settings? It's something really important to know and I couldn't find it anywhere.

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