Re: Anybody have accessible NAS recommendations?

John Isige

actually, you can apparently run their software for a long while even on
older stuff. This will run the latest, and there was a critical update
from this year. So yeah, it should run the latest and greatest. Also, I
won't be opening it up to the internet, which is what all of these
people seem to have done. Well OK, I guess I can't say I'll never do it,
but right now it's just gonna be a media server behind a router, totally
local stuff. Good advice though, thanks!

On 7/27/2019 22:33, Luke Davis wrote:
While I don't know anything about that particular gear--I have always
built my own NASes using Linux--I will say that I would have
misgivings about buying a piece of 2013 computing equipment of any kind.

If it is not still receiving security patches, I would definitely not
buy it. See the conversations here recently about Windows XP. Embedded
systems are often even worse than old operating systems, when it comes
to security and patching security holes.

So if that thing has an ARM, Intel, or AMD processor (or one of
several others), for example, and it hasn't received 2018 software
updates, it's vulnerable to several processor level hacks that can
allow someone to read anything in its memory. That aside, depending on
what software it's running, it could even become part of a botnet,
like most Windows XP systems are.

So be very careful with buying old equipment like this. If it's not
still getting software updates, stay far away from it, or only use it
in a situation where it never touches the internet.

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