Braille Extender not saving tables

Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>

Nvda 2019.1.1 current stable. Braille Extender 2019.07.10, also current stable.
This problem was reported on the list by Rob Hudson back in January.
Though the settings let you configure two Braille tables, a primary and a secondary, pressing OK does not save them. I've tried ENTER, I've tried space, I've tried going to another field and pressing Enter.
The secondary table does save but not the primary so when you try to switch tables you get the message:
"you must choose at least two tables for this feature. Please fill in the settings."
I've tried going to the Braille extender settings through preferences  and Settings, then Braille extender.  also finding the same dialog just under Preferences.
I don't know how you can save more than two tables though documentation implies you can. 
Why aren't the tables I specify saving? Is this a bug or a misunderstanding on how the settings interface works?

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