Re: Anybody have accessible NAS recommendations?


Well if you jack the processers in your nas to as high as they can fit and install the ram you need, you can probably ditch the os entirely and run your own linux distribution because a few audio geeks did it that way and bang you have not only a backup solution but a media server and other things as well but I have no idea how to do that.

These guys also have huge cloud backups of things.

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I’ve heard good things about sonology.

The thing that’s turning me off any of these NAS devices is the fact that software can change at a moments notice with a firmware update, as happened with netgear, and said firmware downgrade may be impossible. I’d rather get a refurbished computer (after all, all these NAS’s are is a computer), get one of those mediasonic proraid drive enclosures and install one of the pre-existing NAS programs for either Windows or Linux – this way you’re in complete control of what you get and when you get it. Of course, it all depends on what you do, but initial setup for most things really doesn’t sound difficult.


Just my opinion, however. After I was unable to downgrade the firmware of a netgear NAS for a friend, that turned me off of them quite a lot. Of course your mileage may vary, and certain companies may be better than others.


Best of luck!


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I don't know that I'd go with WD again, but just in case, how accessible is it? I have a WD MyBook Live and it's mostly accessible. I can't delete shares I've made though and some of the other operations for manipulating them don't really work that reliably. So I'd like to make sure I can get something that's really accessible if I'm going to spend money to update.

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