Re: Braille Extender not saving tables

Luke Davis

Why do you say it may no longer work because of Python 3 support being lacking?
According to its github page:

It seems to be under quite active development, with multiple developers, and claims compatibility with NVDA 2019.4, which at least implies that it is already working with Python 3.

It doesn't hurt to write to the developers and report these bugs.


On Sun, 28 Jul 2019, David Csercsics wrote:

It is definitely a bug! I can duplicate it here as well as a couple other things. But the add-on will likely no longer work as of 2019.3 because of the move to Python 3 support, so we may have to find another solution.

 A pity for me because I really enjoy my braille display, but I'll see what I can learn to sort this out.

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