Re: Braille Extender not saving tables

David Csercsics

Yes, that's what I saw, too, when I briefly looked at it. It requires syntax changes and some testing, and the author may not have time to do it. How much of the functionality should we put in NVDA core, possibly? Having to install an add-on for extra braille features seems a bit weird. But then again, I understand about keeping the main screen reader as portable as possible. This is probably for another thread, but I was thinking about it because NVDA commonly gets blamed for poor braille support, because people don't know about the Braille Extender add-on. It looks like a lot of the functions are just conveniences, but maybe some should be part of NVDA, I'm not sure. Maybe this belongs in another place than here, but since we're on the topic of refactoring it seemed related. I don't know how many braille users we have either, so maybe the community doesn't need it that much.

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