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Yes. In fact, Windows OneCore was the first speech synthesizer to become compatible with Python 3.



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Will the windows OneCore Microsoft Catherine voice work with python 3?


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I wouldn't bother with anny synth addons to be honest.

If you can afford it I'd use their sapi equivilants.

You are not locked down to one particular program, and they can be used anywhere you want.

While I have vocaliser, its a nice high quality but slow crappy synth for normal use.

Its good for gaming where its needed, and book reading and things like that.

On the other side something like espeak, is low quality, fast responding, high performance, but crappy sounding.

Its good for games without stories, documentation reading, email, brousing the web, doing administration and running virtual machines and things where I don't care what I am hearing or if it sounds good just that I am getting correct information.

I suppose with the powerfull system I have I could run vocaliser constantly but it may not be what I want all day long.

Pluss in a situation where something crashes or goes down or something breaks, I could be stuck with no speech because the net failed, or bit of windows went or something else fails.

The only way for me to get things back would either be a full reformat or killing configurations.

I have found that when I have relied on some stuff like this in the past that when it fails, you have nothing to fall back on.

A reformat fixes it as it always does, however as a result of being bitten to many times, for general purpose and we are talking general purpose, I would prefur crappy low quality but readable information rather than high quality readable but unstable information.

Also until recently any high quality anything is a performance drag.

I know several on xp and lower specked systems that can't afford any upgrades at all.

And even for those that do, they get the cheapest options which may be a few generations lower than current.

I have tried to run high quality on systems for general use and even when it has worked even if the system does not crash, even if it works floorlessly without me having to reformat to get speech back the load time is insane and so is responce time when I press a key.

I know with espeak that I am garanteed speech, crappy that it is.

And I am garanteed information in a readable format.

It may not sound that nice but I can read it.

In my line of work as admin and tester, I don't care if the information is sounding good or not just that I am getting it.

 If I am reading a book or playing an advanced flight game or something like that then of course I do.

I guess if your job is a translater or transcriber, high quality speech would be something you would have to use on a regular basis.

However you would have the hardware and software to support you or at least I do hope so.

I have friends some in the church, some in jobs that have never been able to afford the more expensive tech ever in their lives and get cast offs only.

Some are even used to it.



On 30/07/2019 4:48 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

I am going to buy the eloquence/vocalizer NVDA-addon on Friday. I hope that it will work with python3 when the time comes. Since I get extra social security in the united states now, these voices are easily affordable for me. I want the legal versions of voices because I am hoping that the legal eloquence and legal vocalizer will be updated to python3 whereas unsupported illegal stuff which is unsupported may just plain break and not work. Right now I am using sapi5 eloquence from codeFactory until this Friday when I can register the eloquence/vocalizer codeFactory addon. 

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