Re: Braille Extender not saving tables

Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>

Guys, this was my mistake! It works perfectly. The problem was the help screen, you are supposed to read by pressing F1,  wasn't reading on my home PC. I tried it at work and could read the help fine.
Here's what you do in Braille tables. You arrow through the list of tables and press Spacebar on the one or ones you want. The first time you press Space it says "input only" and the second press of spacebar it says "output only". The third time you press space it says "both input and output"  and the fourth press of Space cycles back to "none". By default, they are all set to "None".

It's not a bug exactly, just a documentation bug. It should be explained clearly in Braille extender's documentation how configuring tables works, and it's not.  Instead the documentation has details on the default keystrokes for Braille extender which you can find under input gestures anyway.

I think I'm going to post something over in the chat subgroup about documentation bugs vs real bugs, it's an interesting topic, but not relevant here on the main list.

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