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Regarding changes made to the switching to NVDA from JAWS Wiki:
I have a few points and a question to the list regarding the content.
As far as the system tray information is concerned, I’m glad to see that the space bar eaquals left single click command is included.  But it is important to say that first letter navigation can be used in the system tray.  Those who use the JAWS system tray dialog are used to using first letter navigation in the list and they should know that the same is available when working with the system tray directly.
Concerning ribbons, the discussion of ribbons is so shortt that I think it will confuse and discourage people who aren’t familiar with working with ribbons and those who don’t use the JAWS virtual ribbons menus as well.  I think that it is much better to provide a link to resources to learn about ribbons such as my tutorial, its short and to the point and very clear with learn by doing examples, and links to resources, done by others. 
I would have no objection to a comment such as, using ribbons is similar to using menus except that you tab and shift tab to move through a ribbon.  Then you might say something like of course there is more to learn but that is the essence of how you move through ribbons.  Then you would recommend resources.  Or, if you don’t want to give specific information, you might say something like try one or more of these resources for learning ribbons.  You may be pleasantly surprised how much easier they are than you may have believed.  I’ll send you a link to my ribbons tutorial ikf you wish. 
Regarding Eloquence, why is the HTML5 version not mentioned?  I don’t know if the add-on works properly now and my question to the list is, does it still have the very annoying almost constant crackling artifacts it used to have?  If it does, that is another reason to mention the HTML5 version.  Those wishing to use Eloquence in more than just NVDA should be aware that an HTML5 version exists.  I don’t think the HTML5 version is discussed on the extra voices page so this would have to be coordinated. 

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Hi everyone,
This week in In-Process, NVDA 2019.2 RC1, improving mail with Litmus, updates to the Switching from Jaws to NVDA Wiki, and the WebAIM screen reader survey.
Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

NVDA 2019.2 RC 1 now available!

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