Is there a way to set NVDA 2019.2-RC1 to exit focus mode in Skype?

John Isige

So I asked about this Skype issue and Joseph was right. If you hit NVDA-space, it takes NVDA out of focus mode and you can arrow through Skype controls as usual. What's interesting is that it seems to be preserved until restart. That is, when I first get into Skype I have to hit NVDA-space, but once I've done that, it's set until I restart NVDA, even if I close Skype and re-open it again, well, make it minimize to the system tray or whatever it does.

So is there a way to set NVDA to not be in focus mode when I open Skype? I don't know what changed between 2019.1 and 2019.2 so I don't know what setting change(s) to make, or if it's even possible.

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