Re: Setting global speech rate across various profiles


if I go to firefox which is using the normal profile and change the rate, my speech rate changes no longer apply to excel. I have to adjust the rate when I go back in to excel and this would also apply to other custom settings.
So are you saying that, having a profile for Excel, if you change something outside this profile, the change will be valid for the General profile as well?
If so, what a weird situation! I have profiles for Firefox and Thunderbird (Screen Curtain reasons), and my Desktop obviously doesn't have a profile.
I've changed a few settings in both profiles and results are the same. I change my Firefox profile, when I go back to Thunderbird, its profile is triggered. If I go to the Desktop the General profile is activated.
If I make changes to the General profiles they will be carried to the other programs if they don't have their own profiles.
With that being said I'm not sure of what's going on your end, even having reading the entire thread so far.

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