Re: Character Information: What a godsend!

Ben J. Bloomgren


Would you please contact me off list? I'd like to learn how to creat LibLouis tables, so that additional languages can see the light of NVDA. My skype and my twitter are the same. BlindBirder.


On 7/31/2019 0:01, Christo de Klerk wrote:

Hello all

I echo those sentiments. I also read a lot of linguistics-related material, but I am also in the process of creating a new translation table for LibLouis for my language and this add-on is absolutely invaluable for reading Unicode braille characters. I don't know how I would have managed it without the add-on. A million thanks for it and also to the author of the Unicode braille input add-on which is a miracle.

Kind regards


On 2019/07/31 06:19AM, Ben J. Bloomgren wrote:
Hey all,

One of the newest add-ons for NVDA, created by Cyrille G. is an absolute godsend to me. I'm a language freak/geek, so Unicode values are part of my daily life. If I ever come upon a character which I don't know about, I press numpad 2 or NVDA+comma four times, and I'm in like flint! Merci beaucoup!


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