Re: begin and end links with braille display

Luke Davis

How do other screen readers handle this?

On Thu, 25 Jul 2019, Josh Kennedy wrote:

When I am reading websites in braille with my orbit reader20 and NVDA, and I encounter a link, NVDA puts lnk before the link, but there is nothing to
indicate when, and where, the link has ended and normal text resumes. Furthermore, when the link ends, there is no space between words. I would like to see
a choice of how links are displaysed in braille. Either begin and end web-links indicators, this includes visited and other types of links, or have a choice
to underline the whole link using dots-7-and-8. But there should be an alternative for six-dot displays such as the braille me which cannot use dots 7 and 8
to underline links, so there should be a method to indicate where the link begins or starts at, and where it ends, and normal text continues.

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