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Yes, I have tried all three. But EZ Keys is only setup for Cntr, Alt, and Shift for modifier keys. So to bring up the main NVDA menu, I tried remapping the Insert key. I can get autohotkeys to do this fairly elegantly, but when I try it with NVDA loaded, it won’t work.




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If you want to release a modifier key NVDA uses, you don't have to remap it.  By default, NVDA uses both inserts as modifiers, the main keyboard insert and the numpad insert.  If you open the keyboard settings dialog, control NVDA key k, and tab, you will find checkboxes so you can tell NVDA to use or not to use three modifiers, the caps lock, the numpad insert and the main keyboard insert, called the extended insert.  Check whatever you want used or uncheck whatever you don't using the space bar.  Then activate ok.



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Subject: [nvda] NVDA modifier key and Words+ EZ Keys


I am a long time single switch scanning user of Word+ EZ Keys. I’m trying to also use NVDA for screen reader capabilities. My problem is using the NVDA modifier key from my scanning software. There is no direct way to “hold down” the Insert or Capslock from EZ Keys. I am trying to use Autohotkeys to simulate holding down the Insert, but the key doesn’t work once I load NVDA.

Does anyone have suggestions for remapping the NVDA modifier key to something like Alt-0 or something?




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