Re: NVDA modifier key and Words+ EZ Keys

Tyler Spivey

1. Does EZ Keys let you press caps lock or insert, just not hold them down?
If it does, Windows sticky keys will work with NVDA to hold down the modifier.
2. Does it let you hold down any other keys? If so, I've got an addon somewhere which should be easily modifiable to let you do that.
As an example, does it give you the ability to hold down left alt or right alt independently? If so, you could use one for an alt key and the other for an NVDA modifier.
If none of these ideas will work, what does it let you do?
Make sure that, when you're testing your autohotkey script, you have "Handle keys from other applications" checked in NVDA's keyboard settings. If you don't, then NVDA won't see the injected key.
If you send that script, I might be able to test over here and figure out what breaks. Using it with a keyboard should also have the same problem.

On 8/1/2019 2:24 PM, Gabbert, Darren wrote:
I am a long time single switch scanning user of Word+ EZ Keys. I’m trying to also use NVDA for screen reader capabilities. My problem is using the NVDA modifier key from my scanning software. There is no direct way to “hold down” the Insert or Capslock from EZ Keys. I am trying to use Autohotkeys to simulate holding down the Insert, but the key doesn’t work once I load NVDA.
Does anyone have suggestions for remapping the NVDA modifier key to something like Alt-0 or something?
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