Re: Is there a way to set NVDA 2019.2-RC1 to exit focus mode in Skype?

John Isige

Unchecking "enable browse mode on page load" doesn't seem to do
anything. Well, the arrows will move the cursor, but only within a
block. So if I'm on a message it will move within that message, but if I
get to the edit field it will only move in that. I still have to hit
NVDA-space to get the arrows to move through all of Skype normally. This
is Skype 8 desktop, specifically Skype 8.50. It's not a big deal if
there's no way to change it, it's just annoying because it's something i
have to stop and do every time I open skype for the first time after I boot.

On 8/1/2019 3:19, Luke Davis wrote:
Have you tried setting up a config profile, triggered by Skype, that
does one of the following:

* Is saved with browse mode off, so when it triggers browse mode will
alrady be off; or
* Has the "Enable browse mode on page load" option disabled?

If a configuration profile will hold either the browse mode state, or
that option, that should be a good solution for you.


On Wed, 31 Jul 2019, John Isige wrote:

So I asked about this Skype issue and Joseph was right. If you hit
NVDA-space, it takes NVDA out of focus mode and you can arrow through
Skype controls as usual. What's interesting is that it seems to be
preserved until restart. That is, when I first get into Skype I have
to hit NVDA-space, but once I've done that, it's set until I restart
NVDA, even if I close Skype and re-open it again, well, make it
minimize to the system tray or whatever it does.

So is there a way to set NVDA to not be in focus mode when I open
Skype? I don't know what changed between 2019.1 and 2019.2 so I don't
know what setting change(s) to make, or if it's even possible.

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