Miranda and autoscroll

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

Hi everyone,

My deepest apology if this was raised before.  Can't find a thread or any resource on the Internet to answer my question.

In my quest to find a decent chat client I tried Miranda and mostly liked it.  There is one (and a rather big) issue as far as NVDA is concerned: when in a discussion window, whenever the other sends a message, Miranda "scrolls" down and the focus is moved back to the bottom of the page.  If this is only annoying for single-person conversations, it becomes extremely annoying in group conversations and completely frustrating on larger channels, like you can find on IRC.  When you're trying to read a message, the focus scrolls back down and you have to go up again... and pray that no one posts a new message in the meantime, since you'll scroll back down if that happens.  And when talking to 20-30 other people on the same forum, this is far from a rare occurrence.

I see lots of work on Miranda's integration to NVDA.  But I couldn't find any way to address that issue.  Am I missing something obvious?  Is NVDA ignoring this now and prevents the focus change by default?  Is there a setting to disable that in Miranda itself?



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