Re: Working with NVDA and LastPass in Chrome Browser

Mike Sedmak

You can also get to the extension by using object navigation. Use F6
to get to the address bar. Then use NVDA+NUmPad6 to move to the next
object until you find the "extensions grouping".
Use NVDA+NumPad2 to move into the grouping
Then use NVDA+NUmPad6 to move to the next item until you find the
lastpass object.
Then use NVDA+NumPadEnter to activate the lastpass object.

That all said, most of the time the context menu is a much
easier/faster way of accessing lastpass functionality in the browser.


On 8/2/19, Hope Williamson <hopeisjoyful@...> wrote:
I've found that when working with most extensions, it's via the context
menu. Obviously that isn't always the case. For instance some ad
blockers require you to go into the browser's add-ons manager to set
their options.

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