Re: begin and end links with braille display

David Csercsics

I prefer the Jaws dots 7 and 8 approach though I can usually tell where a link is from context, but also NVDA has a lot of weird indicators in places it shouldn't especially when using UEB. I'm pretty sure that some of these are LinLouis bugs, though and so I'm not sure what NVDA can do about them. What I don't understand is why 3 screen readers display the same braille slightly differently in some instances, when everyone is supposedly using the same libraries and the same braille tables. I can't imagine only having a 6-dot display though, as one of the things I like is the computer braille code, if I want to look at code. Or if I want to see how something is spelled because a translation table looks weird. How does the Braille Me handle things like that? If you have routing buttons, you could just click the one next to the lnk and that should get you focused on the link. Of course that doesn't work for things like Orbit Reader that have no routing buttons. I don't mind the lnk myself, as I rarely need to know exactly what's linked text from beginning to end, but MAYBE THIS IS TROUBLING FOR WEB DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING POSSIBLY, BUT i AM NOT SURE WHAT'S A GOOD SOLUTION. I usually use NVDA, just because it seems to be fairly responsive and isn't massively bloated and does what I need to do, but we should catalogue things we like and dislike from other products, just so everyone has the customizations they need. I don't know how narrator indicates links, as I prefer to work without speech and so I don't like having to twiddle braille drivers on and off, as that's very inconvenient, but I could check it.

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