Re: Is there a way to set NVDA 2019.2-RC1 to exit focus mode in Skype?


The problem may be that the screen-reader is going into forms mode automatically and you are putting it back in browse mode where it works properly with the program.  I don’t want NVDA to automatically change modes and I turn the feature off.  If you do that, you may not have to do anything after you open the program.  You will have to go into forms mode when you want to manually.  You can see which you prefer.

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will move the cursor, but only within a
block. So if I'm on a message it will move within that message, but if I
get to the edit field it will only move in that. I still have to hit
NVDA-space to get the arrows to move through all of Skype normally. This
is Skype 8 desktop, specifically Skype 8.50. It's not a big deal if
there's no way to change it, it's just annoying because it's something i
have to stop and do every time I open skype for the first time after I boot.

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