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An add-on is what it says, an add-on.  It isn't part of the screen-reader.  Many add-ons are free.  People develop them as a volunteer, non profit activity.  That doesn't mean they all are.  The add-on for voices that charge for their use must be paid for, just as the SAPI 5 voices you are discussing must be.  they are for profit voices. 
And if I want to develop an add-on and charge for my work, that would be my decision.  I can charge even if it all my original work. 

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Hi Gene.

 >Other screen-reader companies purchase the licensing to use the
 >voices.  NVDA is a free screen-reader.  The user purchases his/her own
 >license.  A screen-reader and the synthesizer are separate products.

I have no issue paying for the SAPI5 Vocalizer voices.. According to
your logic, my purchase buys me a license that I can use with any
screen reader. So, why the $69 for the NVDA addon?

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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